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Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales welcomes Chainalysis to its board

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) has announced Chainalysis has now joined as its newest board member.

Phil Larratt, who is public sector operations specialist at Chainalysis, will be representing the organisation at the WCRC board and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in cybercrime.

Chainalysis is the blockchain data platform providing data, software, services, and research to government agencies, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries. Its data influences investigation, compliance, and market intelligence software that has been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely.

Phil works with law enforcement, government agencies and various other organisations. Prior to joining Chainalysis, he was a senior manager in the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) at the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA).

Phil has been investigating cryptocurrency-related crime since 2014, leading multiple high-profile ransomware, product contamination, money laundering and dark net market investigations. As the NCA’s cryptocurrency lead, Phil formulated seizure guidance and introduced policy regarding the use of Reactor.

Commenting on the appointment, Detective Superintendent and WCRC Director Paul Peters, said: “We are delighted to welcome Phil to our board. Chainalysis is a global business making significant inroads into cybercrime safeguarding measures at the highest levels.

“The organisation’s experience in handling cryptocurrency investigations and compliance solutions as it works to fight illicit activity will offer us great insight into our own cyber resilience strategy as we continue to drive awareness and support for Welsh organisations in the fight against cybercrime.”

Phil Larratt, public sector operations specialist and founding board member of the WCRC, said: “Chainalysis is dedicated to building trust in blockchains across both private and public sectors. We are thrilled to be working with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales to support its cyber security efforts by providing the data, insights, and technology the cryptocurrency ecosystem needs to fully understand blockchain activity."

The WCRC board plays a key role in providing governance, direction and oversight of the progress the centre is making.

Businesses can join the WCRC through a range of membership packages to access guidance, tools and affordable services to help better protect themselves against the threat of cybercrime.

To find out more information about the centre and how to get involved, go to To keep updated with all the latest WCRC developments follow @CRCWales on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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