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Becoming resilient to cyber threats across Wales.

Policing has partnered with academia and the private sector to support Welsh businesses and organisations with cyber security.


Making Cyber Security Simple

for Welsh Business.

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) helps Welsh micro-businesses, small businesses, SMEs, charities and other third-sector organisations to build, maintain and increase cyber security awareness. Cyber security awareness ensures better protection from the very real threat of internet-related cybercrime. 

Accessible Cyber Support



We raise awareness about the priority of cyber security for all businesses in Wales. 



We directly assist businesses and organisations across Wales sure-up their cyber security.



We offer affordable, foundational cyber security services to build more secure businesses and organisations.

We focus on education through simple, uncomplicated steps and achievable priorities.

We use plain language instead of jargon to help people reduce threats through practical, comprehensible, and simple actions. 

The WCRC operates as a not-for-profit organisation and is a policing, private sector and academia partnership. The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales also works with other Welsh businesses that have formed our management board, advisory group, Cyber Essentials partners and community ambassadors. This approach makes us a unique and trustworthy cyber security proposition.

Members of the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales gain access to free insights, interventions and specialist, paid services which review individual risk and provide bespoke advice. 

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The Importance of making

Cyber Security a Priority

If not planned correctly, cyber security can be difficult, complex and costly. The Welsh business community can be assured of accurate, timely and actionable information through the WCRC. We are committed to removing barriers so that cyber security is more accessible, affordable and most importantly, easy to understand. 


Cybercrime is a threat to all businesses, regardless of size, location, industry or age. We have created a community through which the latest threats and cyber intelligence can be shared. Through working with business in all sectors and sharing best practices and actionable information, we can collectively improve cyber security and resilience.


Preserve your business continuity and sustainability through cyber security awareness by joining the WCRC today for free.


Your cyber resilience journey starts here.

We offer a simple step approach to cyber security starting with free membership.


Our free core membership programme is a perfect entry point for those with limited or no cyber knowledge. Members receive national guidance, resources and toolkits, alongside regular cyber security updates and insights. More confident cyber security novices and professionals will also find this membership flexible and resourceful to support their specific needs and direction.


For more technical and specific cyber security requirements, the WCRC offers specialised packages to cater for these needs.


We work in partnership with local cyber security professionals to provide actionable solutions to specific advice and needs.

Colleagues Working Together
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We’re certainly thrilled to be a member of the WCRC. With the centre’s ongoing support and commitment to driving the cyber resilience message across Wales, we know that by joining we are also playing our part in tackling cybercrime.”

- Jessica Leigh Jones MBE

Co-founder and Chief Executive

Iungo Solutions 


“I found the Cyber PATH service to be very reassuring and valuable to have an independent overview of our cyber security arrangements. It has helped inform us of areas we need to focus and improve on, and it is a great initiative that provides students with on-the-job experience.”

- Gareth Roberts

Data Protection Officer

North Wales Housing Association

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“If you are facing a cyber issue, my recommendation would be to make the WCRC your first port of call; the advice and support is excellent. The team will put your mind at rest and help you to resolve the issue quickly and appropriately.”

- Carolyn Parry

Founder Director

Career Alchemy

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Affordable Cyber Security Services

Through established partnerships with Welsh universities, we recruit top talent from computing and cyber security courses, supervised by national experts and deliver our Cyber PATH services. Examples of Cyber PATH include:

First Step Website Cyber Assessment.png

First Step Website Cyber Assessment

This initial light touch website cyber security assessment highlights any risks to consider along with the opportunity for further discussion with the site's developer/IT/host provider to further bolster cyber security.

Cyber Security Awareness Training.png

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Training is tailored to be easily understood with simple language for useful cyber security knowledge. Training is delivered in short bite-size modules using real-life examples to help understand risks, how they occur and how to spot signs of potential cyber criminal activity.  

Vulnerability Scans.png

Vulnerability Scans

Our cyber security experts assess company networks and systems and perform a simulated cyber breach for any potentially exploited weaknesses. Interactions with live systems are kept to a minimum and strict plans and operations are agreed in advance to mitigate any risk.

  • Do small businesses need cyber security?
    Yes. All businesses, including charities and associated supply chains - whether they are micro, small, medium size or large - need to have at least the minimum level of cyber security in place. Cybercriminals are looking for a way to access any kind of data, whether it be financial records, bank details, contracts, supplier lists, employee information. When it comes to the threat of cyberattack, it’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’.
  • How much does cyber security cost a small business?
    Getting the basics of cyber security in place needn’t cost much. Ensuring that strong passwords are in place, data is backed up on a regular basis and multi-factor authentication is switched on are just some examples of good cyber security best practices. The WCRC’s free core membership package provides enough guidance and assistance on how to undertake these processes. We also offer an intermediate membership option to help steer businesses in the right direction for anything beyond this.
  • Are small businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks?
    Yes. All businesses that use email, online banking, social media, accountancy packages etc, to operate are at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. The hot commodity for a cybercriminal is data, and even small businesses carry large amounts of this. Being aware of how incidents happen and how to mitigate this is key for protecting a business and its people.
  • Who can I report cybercrime to?
    If you suspect that you have been a victim of a scam, fraud or any form of cyber-attack, please report this to Action Fraud the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime. You can report cybercrime online at any time using the online reporting tool, which will guide you through simple questions to identify what has happened. Action Fraud advisors can also provide the help, support and advice you need. Alternatively, you can call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 (textphone 0300 123 2050). Suspicious looking emails can be forwarded to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS): and most phone providers are part of a scheme that allows customers to report suspicious text messages for free by forwarding it to 7726.
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Contact Us

Submit an enquiry to discuss your cyber requirements or challenges with us and we’ll make the appropriate recommendations for improved cyber security. 


Alternatively, if you’re ready to get started, we look forward to welcoming you to the WCRC membership community.

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