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Welsh Government provides funding for free cyber security training for social care sector

A UK Government report warns that ransomware is the biggest threat to the health and social care sector, and this is further illustrated by new research conducted by security awareness and simulated phishing platform KnowBe4, which reveals that ransomware attacks hit 81% of UK healthcare providers in 2021.

In the last 12 months alone, UK organisations have collectively experienced an increase in cyber-attacks, and following these hard-hitting facts, it has been identified that there is a need to ensure staff in the social care sector across Wales receive cyber resilience training.

Welsh Government has already provided a series of social care webinars, which were attended by over 135 social care representatives last October, with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) being one of the content contributors.

An opportunity for funding has now arrived in relation to a care sector initiative, with Welsh Government procuring 2,500 social care training licenses of cyber. This will enable staff in the social care sector in Wales to be onboarded to the training platform Matobo Learning for free.

Cyber Ninjas, produced by Matobo Learning, is based on the mandatory training it created for the BBC and has been awarded National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Assured Training status. The programme consists of two hours of online lessons which can be tracked and has knowledge checks, but its 12 modules can be broken down into individual lessons, covering steps to take while working online to prevent cyber-attacks such as phishing and hacking.

The funding will have the aim of:

  1. Promoting cyber resilience across Wales

  2. Engaging with the social care sector to enrol individuals working within social care to undertake the Cyber Ninjas social care training

  3. Assisting those that undertake the training to access the learning and increase their personal knowledge and organisational awareness of cyber safety and boost resilience

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WCRC Director Paul Peters is delighted that the centre is to be a key collaborator in the campaign to raise awareness of the training available to support the Welsh care sector in improving its cyber readiness. “This next phase of the Cyber Ninjas training programme roll-out is a significant step in the right direction in helping to improve the Welsh care sector’s cyber defences.

“The ransomware stats speak for themselves and cyber is not something that the sector can afford to be complacent about; a full team effort is required to understand the risks and adhere to basic guidance as a minimum. A successful cyber-attack or breach can lead to, amongst other things, operational disaster and severe reputational damage, especially when highly sensitive data concerning loved ones is at stake.

“We look forward to engaging with care sector organisations about their cyber challenges and offering the free Cyber Ninjas training programme as a springboard to further establish their cyber posture.”

Ben Giles, managing director of Matobo Learning, commented: “We’re delighted to roll out Cyber Ninjas further in Wales, alongside our existing provision to the whole of NHS Wales and all Welsh-elected members and councillors. Cyber Ninjas is co-designed and peer-approved by a group of public sector cyber experts from all over the UK and made with love by our team of BAFTA-award winning filmmakers. It stands out from other e-learning offerings because it’s actually fun to do and the constant, daily feedback from thousands of learners tells us they love doing the training.”

The WCRC is now working alongside Welsh Government to ensure that organisations within the social care sector can obtain fully-funded Cyber Ninja licences. For more information and to enrol staff onto the free training programme, please contact the WCRC team.


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