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The WCRC welcomes the Cyber Innovation Hub as a Community Ambassador

The Cyber Innovation Hub (CIH) is delighted to join forces with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) as a Community Ambassador.  The WCRC and CIH will work together to continue helping Welsh businesses be aware of cyber security risks and become safer against the threat of cybercrime.

CIH is on a mission to transform South Wales into a leading UK cyber cluster by 2030 by creating a world-class pipeline of new cyber products, high-growth businesses, and technically skilled talent.  Thanks to the support of the Welsh Government and Cardiff Capital Region, the Cyber Innovation Hub has a unique opportunity to accelerate the growth of the cyber sector in South Wales.


CIH is being led by Cardiff University and the University of South Wales (both NCSC recognised for excellence in research, innovation and education) with a consortium of multiple private and public sector partners including Airbus, the Alacrity Foundation, CGI, Thales and Tramshed Tech.  CIH is determined to increase the number of cyber security companies anchored in Wales by 50% and upskill 1500 individuals with hands-on technical skills through affordable training.

WCRC Director Paul Peters (left), with Matthew Turner, head of operations at Cyber Innovation Hub


WCRC Director Paul Peters says, “Welcoming the Cyber Innovation Hub to our Community Ambassador network is going to further advance and reinforce the work we are doing to engage the Welsh business community in conversation that prompts action for improving cyber posture.


“The depth of expertise, resource and insights that this partnership will bring will surely highlight how collaborative efforts are essential for helping Wales become a much safer place to operate businesses with successful, long-term futures.”


Matthew Turner, head of operations at Cyber Innovation Hub adds, “Cyber Innovation Hub is delighted to join the Community Ambassador scheme with the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales.  As part of our mission to transform the Cardiff Capital Region into a leading cyber security cluster, we hope to work together to create a strong and secure digital future for Welsh businesses.


“We are committed to supporting businesses across Wales to develop their cyber resilience through providing training programmes for staff and through the development of new cyber products and services.



Please visit our membership page if you’d like to learn more about becoming a Community Ambassador. Alternatively, you contact the WCRC team directly.


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