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The simple steps that can save your business this summer

At the WCRC we’re always talking about what simple measures businesses can put in place when it comes to protecting their online data. And that’s because taking these easy steps really does work!

We were recently contacted by one of our members from the hospitality sector, who had attended one of our business workshops to tell us of their experience when they were contacted by email from someone pretending to be from a well-known online marketplace for homestays.

This was then followed up with a phone call. The attempt wasn’t successful despite being very believable, because the business had invested time into raising their awareness on how to recognise phishing attempts which ultimately prevented them falling victim to a fraud.

We often see the devastation that a fire or flood can do to a small business in Wales, but it is not so visible when it comes to online crime. Yet these attacks can leave a devastating impact with far-reaching effects. Businesses can suffer from a long list of serious implications, including destruction, alteration, or loss of important files, unauthorised access to sensitive data, loss of billable hours, network and website access, reputational damage, as well as potential closure, to name a few.

Here at the WCRC, we WANT you to take the small steps that protect your business to reduce your vulnerability to cybercrime this season and ensure it is both successful and able to provide your customers with a fantastic experience here in Wales.

If you are part of a business group that would like a presentation from one of the WCRC staff then contact us. We travel all over Wales and are happy to come to your premises and present, or be available for an informal chat.

We also offer free membership which includes a meeting with a centre team member to talk through basic cyber security options, but also some more technical services at a discounted rate that can help you understand where you need to address vulnerabilities.


The contents of this website are provided for general information only and are not intended to replace specific professional advice relevant to your situation. The intention of The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales is to encourage cyber resilience by raising issues and disseminating information on the experiences and initiatives of others. Articles on the website cannot by their nature be comprehensive and may not reflect most recent legislation, practice, or application to your circumstances. The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales provides affordable services and Trusted Partners if you need specific support. For specific questions please contact us.

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