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The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales brings Thales on board

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) has announced that global technology leader Thales is the ninth organisation to join its management board.

Thales, which co-founded the National Digital Exploitation Centre (NDEC) in Ebbw Vale in partnership with Welsh Government and in collaboration with the University of South Wales, provides significant support and funding to universities and research institutions across Wales, as well as supporting 1,100 jobs. Thales also researches and develops innovative technological solutions for businesses and organisations in sectors spanning defence, security, aerospace, and transportation to mention a few.

Leanne Connor, Business Manager at Thales Ebbw Vale, has dedicated her career to encouraging business development and economic growth in South Wales – this means she brings, not just a wealth of experience but also her passion and commitment to helping businesses succeed. Her role within the growing site in Ebbw Vale means Leanne can also draw on the support, expertise, and technology of Thales as a global cyber security leader.

Speaking about joining the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales board, Leanne said: “Thales’ collaboration with Welsh Government and academia is designed to be a catalyst for innovation and technological growth in the area, particularly for start-ups and SMEs. The WCRC’s commitment to supporting businesses like these to protect themselves against cybercrime, aligns perfectly with our goal of a prosperous, secure and resilient future for businesses in Wales.

“Cyber security is a growing concern, not just in Wales but globally – the latest data threat report shows one in five businesses would be willing to pay ransom for their data. While this would have a detrimental effect on any company, for small businesses it could be catastrophic.

“Wales has the potential to be a global technology leader, but this means that all our businesses - including the growing number of innovative tech businesses starting up in Wales must be resilient and cyber secure.”

WCRC Director and Detective Superintendent, Paul Peters, says the addition of Thales to the management board is a great step in pushing the centre’s cyber resilience agenda forward.

“We are incredibly proud to be working alongside Leanne and the team at Thales. Businesses in Wales are vulnerable to an ever-growing number of cyber threats and to have a global authority in cyber security providing us with steer and insights brings so much additional value to the development of the WCRC and the services and guidance we offer.

“Leanne has significant experience, and we look forward to utilising her knowledge to ensure that businesses in Wales that take membership with us are fully informed and prepared for any cyber challenges that may come their way.”


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