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Member spotlight: Gaining peace of mind on many levels with MyBubble

If you’re new to the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) or perhaps know a bit about us, you may want to better understand how we help Welsh businesses improve their cyber resilience. It’s important for us to encourage and support startups, small businesses, SMEs, charities and other third-sector organisations with cyber resilience guidance that is accessible, uncomplicated and works for them.

We are creating a strong community where each individual, business or organisation is doing their bit to reduce their vulnerability to cybercrime and make Wales more cyber safe in the process. We thought it would be insightful to have one our members share their experience with you about joining the WCRC community, what prompted them to do so and how it’s bettered their business.

Here’s Qasim Armstrong, founder and director of MyBubble, a technology company that creates platforms for digitalised mental health and wellbeing support.

The key to accessible cyber safety

I have a technology background; therefore, cyber awareness wasn’t completely new to me. However, this is my very first business venture and as a start-up there are so many things to juggle and learn. I’ve constantly had to undertake operational tasks that are completely new to me such as building the business website. My biggest fear was that I’d forget to implement the best security measures in something that I’d overlooked.

I heard of the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales through my business advisor at Business Wales. I wanted to design technologies with cyber security in mind, so I went straight for the Business Starter membership package. I wanted to be part of the WCRC’s professional network as I saw the benefits, and as well as being able to ask for security-related advice at any time, it allows me to demonstrate to consumers that I take cyber security seriously.

Thankfully, the resources and workshops available go through some of the most important, quick-wins Welsh businesses can introduce immediately to increase their cyber resilience. I’ve found several of them incredibly useful, many of which helped me test what resilience my business had and to prepare for Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Upping the security ante

MyBubble is a start-up technology business that was established in Wales but its applications are available internationally. Cyber Essentials accreditation means that prospective clients or partners have certified evidence that my business is secure, and they wouldn’t just have to take my word for it. It’s also a useful sanity check for myself to understand potential risks or shortfalls that I could quickly address to ensure that we were suitably protected.

I found it incredibly easy to engage with WCRC, as the team is just an email away and you always have a dedicated point of contact on hand to touch base with. The process in getting referrals for Cyber Essentials was also very straightforward. I contacted the centre for recommendations on trusted partners that were available, local and had a simple Cyber Essentials onboarding process. Then the WCRC kindly referred me directly to a partner with a brief introduction about my business and requirements. One week later I was Cyber Essentials accredited!

Onwards and upwards for MyBubble

I intend to make use of the bolt-on services next, as being able to receive discounted services such as security testing and security policy reviews to help with the business’ compliance and resilience is a huge incentive.

Being part of a legitimate, professional network has really helped MyBubble be taken seriously straight from the off. In addition, the Cyber Essentials accreditation, as well as my WCRC membership, has definitely made me more cyber aware.

Here to help

Has Qasim’s experience encouraged you to join the WCRC community? We offer free membership and paid-for options but if you’d like to speak to a member of the team to discuss your cyber requirements, please send us a message.

The MyBubble mobile application is free to download internationally on Google Play Store and Apple Store app.


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