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Cyber Expert Group - £2500

Be part of the CRC's mission to support vulnerable businesses to become resilient to online crime and shape Greater Manchester's cybersecurity landscape. 

Cybercrime and online fraud are estimated to cost the Greater Manchester economy £860 million a year, leaving many affected small to medium businesses so financially disrupted that they cannot recover. The Cyber Expert Group, in partnership with Greater Manchester Police, works with the Cyber Resilience Centre to defend the region with the latest knowledge and expertise. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the leading businesses in Greater Manchester and get the latest police intelligence. 

By working together, we can create a cyber-resilient business community that can thrive and flourish.  

Membership Benefits Include:

Invitation to Cyber Expert Group Meetings

The CRC host quarterly meetings for our Cyber Expert Group, with representation from police at a regional level. This is a great way to expand your network, learn about the activity of other leading businesses and share your expertise within a confidential group. 

Sponsored Membership

Support Greater Manchester's small business community to build their cyber resilience through sponsoring Tier 1 memberships. We welcome you to nominate businesses that work with you or within your supply chain that are based within Greater Manchester and have up to 50 employees. 

If you do not have any businesses you wish to nominate, the CRC will contact local not-for-profit organisations on your behalf with the offer.

Quarterly Police Intelligence Reports 

Our detailed, quarterly Police Intelligence reports offer an in-depth insight into cybercrime trends within the North West region.

Profile Raising within the Greater Manchester Business Community

The CRC promotes the Cyber Expert Group's activity through our wider business networks. As a group member, the CRC will raise your business profile as a cybersecurity leader through thought leadership pieces, interviews and more. 

You will also have access to our Cyber Expert Group logo which includes the CRC and Greater Manchester Police logo.

Ready to join the mission to create a cyber-resilient Greater Manchester? Click continue to join the Cyber Expert Group or email us via

*Fees based per annum. 

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